2010 – 2014

2014 September Love Song The Grange
2014 November Familiar Distance The Grange
Lilacs Michele Griskey
I Used to Live Here James Wolf
Safe & Warm Lin McNulty
2014 February Moonlight and Magnolias Ron Hutchinson
2014 June Burying Aunt Beulah
2014 July Three Viewings
2014 August Tuesdays With Morrie
2014 April PlayFest 2014 The Grange
Hammerfest Date Night Cara Russell
Mephisto Waltz #1 Brigid Ehrmantraut
A Dish Served Cold Tom Fiscus
Night Lights Rick Markov
Main Course Michele Griskey
Prelude to Notoriety Rebecca Herman
Four Christmases James Wolf
2013 September Arthur: The Hunt Jeff Berryman The Grange
2013 July Love, Loss And What I Wore The Grange
2013 February Hotbed Hotel The Grange
2013 December Almost, Maine John Cariani The Grange
2013 April PlayFest 2013 The Grange
The Palm Reader James Wolf
Yard Sale Jackie Bates
Adverse Possession Bill Westlake
A Play at the Plate Indy Zoeller
Devil May Care FX Michels
Results Are In Lin McNulty
Sign Off Cara Russell
2012 September Torso The Grange
2012 November Tracers The Grange
2012 July Einstein The Grange
2012 February When Bullfrogs Sing Opera The Grange
2012 April PlayFest 2012 The Grange
Diminished Thirds Indy Zoeller
The Waiting Room Jackie Bates
It’s All About the Breath Luann Pamatian
Square One Lin McNulty
Thought for Food Cara Russell
Held Ron Herman
May the Force Michele Griskey
2011 September By Request The Grange
2011 June Southern Comforts Kathleen Clark The Grange
2011 July Trying Johanna McClelland Glass The Grange
2011 February, The Curious Savage The Grange
2011 December F.A.H.E.T.G. Dramatic Society Christmas Carol The Grange
2011 April PlayFest 2011 The Grange
Round Trip Fare Lin McNulty
Necessary Risks Brigid Ehrmantraut
Test Jennifer Brennock
The Reunion Susan Anderson
Lockdown Michele Griskey
The Request Ron Herman
Digital Disconnect Andrea Hendrick, Ruthie Newman, Mary Poletti
2010 September Arthur: The Begetting Jeff Berryman The Grange
2010 October Brilliant Traces (Remount) Cindy Lou Johnson The Grange
2010 November Brilliant Traces Cindy Lou Johnson Richard Hugo House
2010 May PlayFest 2010 The Grange
Of Men and Motorcycles Jackie Bates
After Anita Leigh Holladay
One on One John Aschoff
After and After Sandy Thompson
Clear! Ron Herman
Play Noir Michele Griskey
Yours Truly Louise Carnachan
2010 June The Sunshine Boys
2010 July Getting Along Famously Michael Jacobs
2010 February Noises Off Michael Frayn The Grange


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