2017 PlayFest Opening Soon

Friday – Saturday, May 26-27; Friday – Saturday – Sunday, June 2-3-4, The Grange

— from Aaimee Johnson for Actors Theater of Orcas Island —

The 12th Annual PlayFest featuring seven plays written by Orcas playwrights will open Friday, May 26, with performances on Saturday May 27, Friday Jun. 2, Saturday Jun. 3, and Sunday Jun. 4. Curtain is at 7:30, tickets can be purchased at the door, or on line at Brown paper tickets, and at Darvill’s Bookstore. Here is a peek at this year’s terrific lineup:

“Needs New Battery” by Cara Russell. Simone and Simon are new to small island living. And when the power goes out, one stormy night, the two discover a ‘problem’ that is way out of their reach—a small ‘beeping’ problem.

“Emerald City” was written by Corey Homewood. “Emerald City” is a story about surviving on the streets of Seattle after The Big One hits.

“What’s New” written by Miguel Villareal. Original ideas are sometimes contemplated at a moment in time that is too early for them to be realized.

“Wedding Dances” by Tom Fiscus. The act of dancing, when done free of self-conscious restriction, is one of humankind’s purest forms of self expression.

“2.5 Kids” written by Kat Fennell. A comedic opera about dreams, life, and the art of compromise.

“TJ” written by James Wolf. Over 40 years ago the US Supreme handed down a decision that had a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals.

“Open House at Murder Mansion” by Mack Smith. There are many dream houses on an island; well, dreams for some, nightmares for others.

Come Play With Us!

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