Next up: The Other Place by Sharr White at the Grange Opens September 8th

The Actors Theater of Orcas Island presents  “The Other Place” by Sharr White at the Grange.

This Tony nominated play tells the heartwarming story of Juliana Smithton (played by Aaimee Johnson) who has invented a drug that is in final clinical trials and may be able to arrest the progression of dementia.   As she tells us, the drug will never be able to bring back memories that are lost because the brain cells that held those memories are gone.  But if successful, the drug will stop the progression of the disease.

The Other Place is a sensitive and intimate dialogue that will leave you with a glimmer of hope and a yearning for more concrete connections with loved ones. Who are we really, and what do we have but the experiences we share with those who surround us?

Connect with Juliana as she shares her concerns about her own mental state, expresses the undying love she has for her lost daughter, and truly appreciates the love and patience of her unwavering husband, Ian (played by Kevin Doyle).

This wonderful play, Directed by Doug Bechtel,  also stars Bethany Moreradiant and Travis Baker.

Language and subject matter may make this play unsuitable for pre-teens.

If you are looking for a great story, well told, you don’t want to miss this play at the Grange.  “The Other Place” opens Friday, September 8th with additional performances on September 9th , 15th 16, 22nd, 23rd and 24th.  Tickets are $10 and are available at Darvills Book Store,  at the door or click below:    For additional information, contact Doug Bechtel at (360) 317-5601.

Purchase Tickets:  Click here.

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