Annual PlayFest

Our annual “Festival of Ten Minute Plays” or “PlayFest” continues to be among our most popular offerings. Over the last eleven years, we have presented over 70 short plays written by local playwrights, directed by local directors and acted by local actors. We continue to seek new playwrights with two to four of the seven plays each year from first time playwrights. Working with new material, the PlayFest provides an opportunity for people new to the theater to find out if it something they want to be involved in without the major investment of time required for a full production.

Opportunities to be involved in the theater are few. It is a Catch-22: It is hard to get cast if you don’t have any experience and it is hard to get experience if you don’t get cast. The same is true for the other roles in the theater: Producer, Director, Designers and Tech people. Our PlayFest addresses those needs by giving directors the opportunity to see actors in performance, designers to set lights and sound, costumes and all the things that go into a production.